Tudor History Talks

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Introducing the Tudors with Nursery Rhymes
Nursery rhymes, a traditional poem or song for children, or political parody? Many were written during the Tudor times and give us an insight to what was in the minds of the ordinary people. Come and meet the Tudors via the medium of nursery rhymes.  

Henry VIII - Highs & Lows
A charismatic young man comes to the throne but leaves it a tyrant. Best remembered for his six marriages, but what else did Henry achieve in his reign? He ran a splendid court, built a navy, invaded France, quashed Scotland and also held the first ‘summit’ meeting at great expense.

Elizabeth I - PR & Pragmatism 
Elizabeth’s long reign is always marked as a success. As a women she had to be particularly astute to hold on to her power and enforce her will. She was a great image maker and probably invented PR. The age of exploration began in her reign and the setting up of the East India Company. She was one clever lady!

Spicing Up A Tudor Life 
England caught up with Spain and Portugal’s quest for exotic spices and land during the reign of Elizabeth I. Although Henry VII had been interested his son Henry VIII wasn’t. Edward VI wasn’t around very long and Mary I was involved in her struggles at home. But in Elizabeth’s reign England started to become an international power to be reckoned with.

What the Tudors Did for Us
During Tudor times a new way of thinking was created; Henry VIII redefined the Church; the printing press brought a revolution in mass communication; the foundations of modern science were being laid; better maps being drawn aiding the navigation of ships to new lands. By the time Elizabeth I died people were exploring and settling in new lands and all manner of new things had reached England.

Lady Jane Grey - The Forgotten Tudor
In Bradgate Park, Leicestershire, stands the ruins of Bradgate Manor, the birthplace & home of Lady Jane Grey, born into the Tudor family and dubbed the Nine Day Queen. This is a story of a girl with outstanding natural ability, whose strength of character & remarkable faith shine out, despite the darkness that often surrounded her. She paid the ultimate price for a throne she didn’t seek.

Witches in Tudor Times
Behind the stereotypical image of the witch flying on a broomstick wearing a back pointy hat lies a long history of trials, persecution & torture that claimed the lives of hundreds of women & men. The first English Statute was brought in by Henry VIII in 1542 when no one was safe from the accusation of witchcraft, which took hold in Tudor times.

The Making of Mary - England's First Queen 
Mary had a difficult life, a first the doted-on child, as a teenager being declared illegitimate, she lived through all this, often isolated and lonely to become England’s first Queen. She made an unfavourable marriage and restored England to Catholicism, to be remembered in history as Bloody Mary.